Monofilament nets


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Monofilament nets: Main use in fishing (gill, trammel, veins, cast nets, etc …), protection of balconies, decoration, agriculture, sports.

Ability to supply them in any color on request: eg red, green, blue, black, gray and white.
Yarn diameters ranging from 0.18mm to 0.98mm
Up to 400 stitches high.
Mesh size from 6mmsq to 500mmsq.
Double knot, simple and special.
Guarantee quality test.
To pasaros a better budget, please indicate the following measures.

Diameter or thickness of the wire
Light or mesh eye: half mesh example 80mm x 80mm, 160mm stretched mesh example
Color: such as green, white, etc …
Height or depth meshes needed.
If the measures do not fully understand, please send an email to or call us now at 0034669163146 and advise.

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