Sale! Trammel Sepia five raisins

Trammel Sepia five raisins

Trasmallo sepia 210/6x40x40x100


Trammel fishing for cuttlefish thread Mallero 6000 and 5 raisins.

Logitud of 50-55 meters x 1.76 meters depth.

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Trammel 5 passes for fishing cuttlefish, called choco gibia or elsewhere.


Red 210/6 x 40mm x 40md x 100m (5pasas)
Albitana 210/12 x 220mm x 100m x 4MD
50 mounted trammel length 55 meters
Approximate depth 1,76mts
White color
Ideal fishing cuttlefish, scorpion fish, snapper, bream, bream, etc ...

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