Sale! Longline 130mm x 165 hooks and 500 meters

Longline 130mm x 165 hooks and 500 meters

130mm x 165anzuelos x 500 metros


Professional longline mounted with 130mm main line and 165 hooks in 500 meters in length.

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90,00 €

Professional longline ready to fish.

When buying this product we include the following materials:

  • Longline basket
  • Foam for easy placement of hooks.
  • Motherboard 130mm x 500 meters and 165 revolving
  • Parrot peak hooks 2/0 tied at 2 meters long.
  • 165 2/0 hooks with transparent monofilament nylon 0.60mm in diameter.
  • Length between rotating and rotating 3 meters.
  • Mounted professional.

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