Sale! Lote cuchillos serie 2900 Azul

Batch knives series 2900 Blue

Lote 4 cuchillos 2900 A Arcos


Lot of 4 knife models with stainless steel blade. of the 2900 series with Blue handle

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Lot consisting of 4 knives of the 2900 series range with polypropylene handle in blue.

Knives used for prolonged professional use with nitrum stainless steel blades which guarantees a more durable edge for a cut during more use with guaranteed quality stainless steel blade.

The lot is composed of:

1 butcher knife 160mm (ref 291523)
1 chef knife 200mm (ref 292123)
1 chef knife 250mm (ref 292223)
1 chef knife 300mm (ref.292323)
Main features:

Polypropylene handles.
Nitrum stainless steel sheet material.
Color blue.
Used for a professional and prolonged use.

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