Hanks fishing Asso Leader 1000 meters


Skeins of ASSO LEADER monofilament from 110mm to 250mm in skeins of 1000 meters in length. Reinforced high quality monofilament recommended for tuna, swordfish and big fish fishing.

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21,00 €

Asso Leader is one of the strongest branch lines available in the market. The special Japanese raw material, together with a particular extrusion process, make it the best longline branch line.

It has excellent softness, high tensile strength and excellent transparency. In addition, its high resistance facilitates the capture
of large dams. It is particularly popular for fishing for tuna and swordfish, and in all situations that require strong resistance.

Diameter monofilament Meters / Roll Break load / kg
  1.10mm 1000 meters 77
  1.30mm 1000 meters 97
  1.40mm 1000 meters 109
  1.50mm 1000 meters 130
  1.60mm 1000 meters 134
  1.70mm 1000 meters 165
  1.80mm 1000 meters 195
  2.00mm 1000 meters 225
  2.25mm 1000 meters 257
  2.50mm 1000 meters 301

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