Sale! Red multimonofilamento 1.5x4 hilos x 60mm x 40mallas x 100mts

Net multimonofilament 1.5x4 threads   x 60mm x 40 md x 100m

Red multi 1.5x4x60x40x100


Net multimonofilament 1.5x4 wire mesh of 60mm x 60mm and 40 meshes deep x 100 meters.

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Fishing net multimonofilament 4-wire and 3.3 x past 40 meshes deep. Soft to touch and durable network. With it you get to make a fishing thinner and 4-wire resistance have twisted very fine threads in the same thread.


Multimonofilamento 1.5 x 4 wires.
Media 60mm mesh (mesh stretched 120mm).
Mesh pass 3.3 (3.3 / 20).
Depth 40 mesh (4.80 meters).
Logitud 100 meters.
Green color.
To gillnets and trammel nets of fishing.

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