Reduced price! New Shimano Poison Adrena

ROD Poison Adrena


The new Poison Adrena is the latest high-end JDM Spinning / Baitcasting rod, extremely light, reactive and responsive.

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The new Poison Adrena is the latest high-end JDM Spinning / Baitcasting rod, extremely light, reactive and responsive. The action of these rods varies from fast to extra fast. Blanks are stronger than ever, thanks to the new X Core spiral construction: the combination of the new Full Carbon Monocoque handle with a single piece of carbon and the new ergonomic Perfection XT reel seat, results in a higher level of sensitivity , while Fuji SiC-S and Titanium SiC guides complete the rods. The new range of Poison Adrena rods is versatile, both for spinning and baitcasting, with applications ranging from ultra-light fishing for small predators (Taftec Alpha solid tip) to the strongest bass fishing technique.


  • High-end Japanese design and construction
  • Spiral X core and NANOPITCH high modulus carbon blank for increased strength and sensitivity
  • Full Carbon Monocoque handle increases sensitivity by up to 140%
  • Improved ergonomic reel seat Ci4 + (Perfection XT)
  • Fuji Stainless Steel SiC-S K-Type ringed plus Titanium SiC tip guide on the toe
  • Available in spinning and casting options, for all anglers and all techniques
  • Spiral core X

Shimano's unique design and manufacturing method thoroughly pursues even greater strength in all directions, including bending, twisting and crushing. For Shimano's original basic structure, "Spiral X", which improves the performance of the shaft from scratch, carbon slit tape is used using high-strength material such as Toray Co., Ltd., Nano Alloy® technology.

Full carbon monocock grip

High-sensitivity grip that does not use EVA or cork [All-carbon monocock grip] The all-carbon monocock grip is
a new dimension to the grip end structure created by a hollow integral molding from the rear of the reel seat to the rear grip. Complete expulsion of factors that hinder the transmission of vibration input from the tip. It is a lightweight and highly responsive grip that reverses conventional wisdom, achieving a 28% vibration transmission rate compared to the carbon monocock grip.


It uses a [nano pitch] manufacturing method that wraps the molding tape used in the baking process of the blanks with an extremely fine pitch. Since blanks are squeezed with more uniform pressure, roundness increases, which contributes greatly to increased strength.

Resistant technology α

Rugged technology tip that eliminates tip stress. A solid tip that achieves a smooth and delicate flex while maintaining strength without reducing the diameter of the tip.

CI4 +

Shimano CI 4 original material reinforced with carbon fiber and evolved CI 4+. The characteristic is that it is lighter and has greater resistance than conventional resins. By adopting it for the reel seat, the weight is reduced and the sensitivity and operability of the rod is dramatically improved


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